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About Us

Welcome to Artists Are CEOs, a company dedicated to empowering musical artists, artist managers, and other music industry professionals. We believe that artists have the potential to be CEOs of their own careers, taking charge of their artistic vision, business decisions, and overall success.

Our team of music industry professionals specializes in creating comprehensive learning guides, designed for use on smart phones and computers, that provide valuable knowledge and tools to navigate the dynamic landscape of the modern music industry. Whether you are an aspiring artist looking to establish your career or an experienced professional seeking to elevate your skills, our resources are designed to educate, inspire, and empower you on your journey.

Our team consists of music industry professionals with first-hand experience. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that artists face in today's ever-evolving music industry. Our mission is to equip artists and industry professionals with the necessary insights, strategies, and resources to thrive in this competitive landscape. We firmly believe that by enhancing their business acumen, artists can create sustainable and fulfilling careers while maintaining artistic integrity.

Our Vision

Connecting the dots for artists in the music industry. Fueling artists with CEO DNA. Our vision is to revolutionize the music business by empowering artists to become savvy entrepreneurs, confident decision-makers, and leaders of their own destinies. We envision a future where artists are equipped with the knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of the music business, enabling them to forge their own path, build sustainable careers, and leave a lasting impact through their music, artistry and entrepreneurship.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide comprehensive learning guides and resources that educate, inspire, and empower musical artists, artist managers, and other music industry professionals. Through our curated content, practical tools, and expert insights, we aim to equip artists with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to take control of their careers, make informed decisions, and build successful and fulfilling lives in the modern music business. We are committed to fostering a community of creative entrepreneurs who recognize their potential, embrace their role as CEOs, and create a positive, lasting impact in the music industry and beyond.


My Story

Bob Geerlings, Founder

I'm Bob Geerlings, born and raised in Limburg, the southernmost province of the Netherlands. I grew up in a family business, and my entire family tree is made up of entrepreneurs on my mothers side and musicians on my fathers side. It was inevitable for these two worlds to eventually collide, leading me to where I am today.


Even though there were a ton of musicians in my surroundings, there was a lack of music industry, resources and knowledge. I had to carve out my own path, because I wanted to do something that no one in my surroundings had done before. Wanting to make my mark as an internationally successful solo artist, I immersed myself in learning about the music business. I wanted to know exactly how the music business operates and how artists make a living in the music industry. Because I did not want to be the reason why I didn’t succeed.


I was blessed with a dream and I never could have asked for a bigger blessing. Since the pursuit of my dreams is what ultimately causes me to wake up energized every morning. Within six months after graduating college, I achieved a full-time income as an entrepreneur in the music industry. I work on whatever I want, when I want, where I want and I only work with the people I really want to work with. 


I want other artists to be able to take charge of their careers in similar fashion. But most artists I know have no real understanding of how the music industry works. This has a significant impact on their careers and is a huge roadblock which keeps them from achieving their goals. I intend to change that. I’ve been in their position, and I understand the challenges that artists are going through in regards to the modern music business.


I am an Artist Manager currently working with Heads Up Management. I’m also an independent artist, producer and songwriter and own a company (O-Sevens), through which I offer work-for-hire services, including management services, music production, ghostwriting, graphic design and audio-engineering. I have completed several studies, and have multiple diplomas that in some way, shape or form are related to the music business including Audio-Engineering, Graphic Design and Commercial Management. I’ve also organized a Hip Hop festival in my hometown, where I’ve been actively creating opportunities for young, aspiring artists over the past few years.


Driven by my own experiences in the music industry, I founded Artists Are CEOs, a learning platform for ambitious artists, artist managers and aspiring industry professionals. It provides the knowledge I wish I had when starting out, saving others years of trial and error. With Artists Are CEOs, I aim to empower artists and their teams with the tools and insights they need to succeed in the music business. Together, we can change the music industry and leave a lasting impact.

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